Meet your 2016 capital striders board candidates


Brad Dains - re-election

I have been on the board for 4 years with the last two years serving as your board President and race director for the Sycamore 8 and Capital Pursuit. I have been on the board for 4 years and have loved every minute of it. The thing that makes the Capital Striders special is the love that all of our members have for running, our community and each other. It really is something special that is rarely seen in running communities around the country. We are the example showing the country that no matter what our history with running or athletics, we can do extraordinary things. As a club we have seen tremendous growth over the past 4 years and can't wait to see the incredible things that we will do in the future.

Personally, I am married to my best friend, Shelby, and we have 3 daughters (which you see at most races volunteering). I've run dozens of races from 5k's to 100 mile trail races. I just completed my 10th ultra marathon which was also my fourth 100 mile race between January 2015 - February 2016. I love showing people that through my faith and positive attitude, anyone can run the best race of their life every day.


Tracy Daugherty - Re-Election

My name is Tracy Daugherty and I am seeking re-election to the Capital Striders Board.  I have served on the board for the past two years and have really enjoyed the experience.  During my first year, I was responsible for memberships. During the past year, I have served as the Treasurer.  I enjoy serving on the board as a way to give back to the running community.  I enjoy the fact we give out scholarships and other donations for great causes such as donations to the Boys and Girls Club, Track Clubs, Make a Wish, etc.  I would love to continue to serve on the board for another term.  I have completed several races ranging from 5K’s to my first marathon this past fall.  I am passionate about running, as well as educating and getting others involved in running at all levels and abilities.

Personally, I have a seventeen month old daughter and a four year old Golden Doodle.  They both keep me busy.  I got the opportunity to put the jogging stroller to good use this past year with my daughter while training for the marathon.  I think she enjoyed the ride more than I did especially up all the hills.  As for our dog, I have attempted to take him on runs, but he gets too distracted and unfortunately cannot make it much more than a mile at a time if we are lucky.  My husband, who is also a runner, supported me a great deal and helped me tremendously by watching our daughter during long training runs and speedwork as I trained for the marathon.



Hello, I'm Lance Bergeson and I am running for re-election to the Capital Striders board. I have been a board member for two years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time interacting with fellow club and board members at our functions. In that time I have served as assistant race director for Capital Pursuit and Loop the Lake, volunteered at other Striders races and worked water stops for the spring/summer Saturday runs. If re-elected, I want to become race director of the Capital Pursuit, an event that has become dear to me since running in it 20 years ago. 

I am a running and triathlon blogger on the and Fitness Sports' websites. I got started with running more than 30 years ago, when I signed up for a charity run in Webster City and raised money based on how many miles I ran that day. I showed up with my yellow wristbands, my blue short shorts and floppy Nikes and ran six miles that day. I've been hooked with running ever since. I improved to where I became a top varsity runner for the Buena Vista cross country team in Storm Lake. I have expanded my interest to longer races since, with 13 marathons completed.

We are lucky to have such a great running community in the Des Moines area that cares about the growth and direction of the sport. I am proud that the Striders Board gives back in many ways, offering scholarships for high school seniors, donating money to youth running clubs and groups such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa and Make a Wish and providing training and social opportunities. Striders members have been instrumental in helping meet the club's goals through their time and money. 

We have achieved a great deal during my time on the board, but we have much more to accomplish. I am married and have two children. Our children represent the future of our sport and our club must expand our reach and visibility with young people. We can do more to promote our sport with youth track clubs and by hosting youth runs on trail and concrete. We must also grow the club membership by being more aggressive through social media, improve the quality and attendance of Striders races, work harder to attract new sponsors and reduce expenses.

Brian (L) & Cy (R)...Not voting for Cy :)

Brian (L) & Cy (R)...Not voting for Cy :)


Hi, I'm Brian Benjamin and I would be honored to serve on your board for an additional term.

Since my election 2 years ago, I have taken over the annual January 1st Mitten Run responsibilities, I am the race director for Loop the Lake, and I am your Membership Director.

I have registered for (the results have yet to be seen) my first ultra, as the person I am seeing was selected to participate in a 100 mile trail run.  I always thought 26.3 was crazy, but now that I am seeing these events through a different eye, I find myself leaning on fellow striders for advice and guidance more than ever - and they deliver!

Running is an adventure, and I can't wait to see what the next one is!

Jared kroese

My name is Jared... I work at SJM Custom Cabinetry in Grimes, Anything made of wood or wood products we can usually build :).. I've been married for 10 years to Andrea, and we have two kids, James-4yrs, Madison -2 yrs. 1 boy, 1 girl..the American dream. They definitely keep us moving! running story is complicated, I was the slowest person in grade school...Literally slower than every single on of my classmates. Track was NOT fun for me in 5-7th grade.  However it turned out to be just a phase and in 8th Grade I got quite a bit faster. It was amazing ..Running became fun for the competitiveness of it and also the social aspect. My team and I set school records in the 4x400 and the 4x800. After grade school ended and before freshman yr of high school I started really just running for fun. Did some local 5k's.. And granted it's small town NW Iowa but my HS XC coach noticed me running a few of these and subsequently convinced me to go out for the team.. that first year I cared more about the fun times with friends than the actual running :) I did okay, but wasn't reaching my potential ( coaches words) ;). Soph year I tried a bit harder..I made Varsity and Ran at districts but our team came up just shy at 4th place. Junior year, ran varsity again qualified at districts for state the next couple years...still enjoyed the social part of running,  but the running itself became fun :).. However I ran into injuries during the track season and kinda lost the will to run for the next oh...say...10 years? . Meanwhile gained about 40 extra lbs and drinking wayyyy too much pop.  I made the tough decision to cut out pop completely about 3-4 years ago now.. Dropped about 10 lbs without any change in exercise. It was a wake up call..I felt better than ever so I started up jogging again. That first 2 mile run...Or nearly killed me lol...My lungs have never burned so much. But just being out there again..with nothing but time and trails in front of me...It was so overwhelmingly amazing. I haven't stopped since :).. Sure I get unmotivated some days.. I think everyone needs breaks sometimes because you don't want to burn out. and absence makes the heart grow fonder ;) . To date in the past 4 yrs I've run 4 marathons, 3 in less than a month last year...8 halfs, 3 10ks, 1 8k,...and more 5k's than I could remember right now. I've steadily improved my time and it's been so rewarding meeting my goals and Meeting all those others that enjoy the Sport with me :) I've made numerous great friends that are encouraging. activities? Lol... YOU mean people do things besides run!?. Hha..Since I moved from Small town Iowa...adjusting to life in A city like Des Moines was a challenge. Besides Being a father and a husband to my children and wife, my really only true social activity would be running. Fun fact...I like movies.. A lot.  I could be described as a nerd. I love to learn,  Every year my Brothers and I take a trip to Colorado and Climb mountains. Our goal is to complete all the 14k ft mountains in Colorado and then check out some other states ;). to date I've completed 12 of the 53"official" 14ers.  ehhhhh... I don't know..if you want to know more.. I'm easy to talk to..just ask me.

angel banks

I have a true passion for encouraging new runners to tackle distances that they may have once conceived as being impossible. My own journey as a new runner is very recent (I started running two years ago) and I would bring a fresh passion and joy of completing a new distance to my work as a board member.

I have volunteered to take care of water stops during training runs, and I am an ardent supporter of the Capital Pursuit - it was my very first double-digit distance race, and I would love to see this race continue in Des Moines for many years. It is my home to give back to this wonderful running community by serving on the board.

Like most runners, I have a running blog and frequently post about my running adventures at and on my Instagram. I work as a Policy and Budget Analyst for a state nonpartisan agency, I'm a wife and a dog mom to two terriers. One is extremely fast and tires me out, and the other has absolutely no interest in running, but I keep him around anyway because he's adorable :)

Trevor meers

I work as Editorial Content Director of Midwest Living magazine at Meredith. I oversee all content for the magazine and its website, and I also manage our custom publishing team, which creates magazines promoting travel to destinations all over the Midwest. This year, we launched a new Active Events Series, in which we partner with fitness-related events across the region, including the Living History Farms Race. I earned my MBA at Drake about 18 months ago.

I took up running in earnest in 2008 because I was ready to ramp up my backpacking hobby to climbing Mt. Rainier. In the process of training for that adventure, running became a passion unto itself, and after climbing a couple of mountains, I went on to run races from 5K to marathons. I’ve also come to love the camaraderie of relays, including Market to Market, Relay Iowa and the Bourbon Chase in Kentucky. Trail races are my first choice, and I’m always on the lookout for unusual setups, like the Dizzy Goat in Nebraska.

I serve on the board at the Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines, as well as the board of a community foundation that connects donors with like-minded charities. Both of those have a light time commitment, which is why I think I have the time to serve on another board, especially one that gives me the opportunity to get more involved in running-related activities.

I have a wife and two teenage daughters. Our first choice in vacations is anything related to adventure sports. We’re currently planning a Black Hills trip that will let us hit trail running, rock climbing and mountain biking (and probably a fair dose of Ibuprofen) over the course of a week.

One of my most memorable runs? On a treadmill, actually. I was staying in a hotel room looking out on Ground Zero in New York about 3 years ago. I couldn’t sleep while I was thinking about what happened right outside the window. So at 2 a.m., I went to the fitness center and laid down a few miles while looking through the window at the site.

chuck fritz

I work as an IT Director for Athene in West Des Moines.  I live in Clive.  I’m married and have three daughters.  I’ve lived in Clive for about 17 years and went to high school in Indianola.  I run and cycle a fair amount.  When running I tend to gravitate to longer distances but I’ve done the Grand Blue Mile the past three years and this year my stretch goal is to run a sub-5 minute mile.  Last year I ran seven marathons total, including three of them (Chicago, KC and DSM) in an 8 day span.  The past several years I’ve run the DSM Marathon as a guide for a visually impaired friend from Omaha; Steve Sabra.  I also talked Steve into riding several days of RAGBRAI with me on a tandem so he did 2 days in 2014 and 3 days in 2015.

FUN FACT: I used to be involved in martial arts and I once accidentally hit myself in the head with a samurai sword.  It was actually funny to see the normally inscrutable Black Belt instructor from South Korea freak out when I asked him to take me to the ER.  My wife takes calls from the hospital very calmly, which is nice.    



kelly richards

I am outgoing, friendly, a tad bit crazy.   I also consider myself a slow runner. (10.5 pace)

I have been on the IMT Marathon Committee for 3 years and this is my first year being on the Drake Relay committee.

I am 46 years old and I love to run and meet new people.  Those who know me can confirm that I have never met a stranger and I can talk the entire time on a run.

I have ran the IMT marathon 6 times (Usually in costume)


jason kenyon

My name is Jason Kenyon. You may have seen my four-legged running partner, Forrest, and I out on the trails or around town. I ran my first 5k in the 4th grade, and I've been running ever since. I've been trail running with the Capital Striders Turkeys for the past year since I graduated from ISU with my master's degree and moved to Des Moines. As most of the Turkeys would tell you, I'm not a man of many words. 

As a civil engineer with HR Green in Johnston, I have experience coordinating resources to bring projects to fruition. I'd like to apply my skills to to coordinate volunteering for Strider events and to help make training runs beneficial for everyone. 

Running is a great sport because it's everyone's sport. From the 5k Jogger to the Olympian, we all have something in common. We establish goals for ourselves and work hard to overcome challenges. I'd like to help grow and strengthen this running community that helps the runners of Des Moines achieve their goals.