Name: Mike McGinn

Board Responsibilities: Jack of all trades

When/Why did you start running? I started running because I had heard the bix 7 was an awesome race and I wanted to try it.  Plus I was getting fat and felt gross.

What race distances have you completed? 1 mile to 50k.

Favorite race distance: half marathon

Favorite Capital Striders race: Sycamore 8

Favorite Non-CS race: Running- Dam to Dam; Non-running : Pigman Long course

Dogs or Cats: Dogs.

Favorite post race indulgence:  Usually a local specialty of wherever I'm racing.  If that's not available, diet coke and pizza hut breadsticks will do.

Pasta, rice or "other" carb source for carb loading: pasta.  Light tomato based sauce and a little bit of chicken.

One pre-race ritual:  That's private.

Favorite piece of gear:  Garmin 910xt

Craziest/funniest thing you've seen during a race or run: I once went on a trail run in waterworks and saw...***Editors Note: Mike's response was edited as this is a family friendly club :) ***