Name: Paxton Bennett

Board Responsibilities: Loop the lake race director, Treasurer

When/Why did you start running?   7th grade through high school and started running again to train for 2006 Race for the cure again to run to support a friend

What race distances have you completed? 1 mile- 50 miles

Favorite race distance: all

Favorite Capital Striders race: Maffitt

Favorite Non-CS race: Grandma's Marathon

Dogs or Cats: dogs

Favorite post race indulgence: chocolate milk

Pasta, rice or "other" carb source for carb loading: pasta

One pre-race ritual: Gatorade and sleeping pills the night before

Favorite piece of gear: garmin with a heart rate monitor.

Craziest/funniest thing you've seen during a race or run: Buffaloes at Catalina Island Marathon