So you've completed your fall marathon/half marathon goals and think you can put your feet up now?  Think again!  Here’s the motivation you need to keep moving!  Accept the 100 mile Challenge!  Keep moving!  Embrace fall and the cooler temps and keep on running!

100 miles in 30 days is just 3.3 miles/day! 

First Step: to enter the challenge send an email to:

We will use a Google Docs spreadsheet (as we did last year) to track who is participating and to log all your miles.  You will get a reply email with a link to the spreadsheet.  Find your name and starting November 1, start logging your miles!   The Google Doc is a public spreadsheet to everyone that has the link.

Be Social:  make sure you follow the Capital Striders Facebook and Twitter pages, and if you’d like to share your twitter username, I’ll include that in the Google Doc so you can all find, follow, and motivate each other!  Be sure to use #100StridersMiles in all your posts!


•  All who have logged 50 miles by the end of the day on November 15 (half-way point) will be entered into a drawing for Fitbit, compliments of HyVee and the wonderful Dietitians who have been supporting our Saturday training runs this past Summer! 

•  There will also be weekly drawings through the month for those who are staying current by consistently logging their miles each week.

•  All who have logged 100 miles by the end of the day on November 30 will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize! (yet to be announced)

Winner of the half-way point will be announced the following morning on the Striders FB page and weekly winners will be contacted directly to make arrangements to receive their prize.  The winner of the grand prize will be drawn and announced at the Sycamore 8 post race party!


  1. The Challenge starts November 1, 2017 and ends on November 30.  (November 4 is the deadline to enter the Challenge.)
  2. Only running miles count.  (Not daily steps, biking, etc…)
  3. Miles need to be logged on the Google Docs spread sheet.  We are trusting participants to be honest with their self-reporting – and to only report/log their own miles.
  4. You are responsible for logging your own miles.  If you have problems accessing the spreadsheet, send an email to:
  5. No entry fee, no cost.
  6. Please pay attention to your body, don’t try to reach the 100 mile goal at the expense of an injury.