Elections for this year’s Board will be held at the Annual Dinner and Meeting on February 3rd. Each membership is accorded one vote. We are very fortunate this year to have six terrific candidates for the four open seats on the Board. Our candidates are: Brad Dains, KristyFeldman, Steve Halstead, and Ellen Wade. Each would bring unique talents to the Board.

*Denotes current Board Member

For those who don’t really know what the Board does, here’s just a sampling:

  • Puts on “Loop the Lake” and “Capital Pursuit” races
  • Hosts social events throughout the year ~ Mitten Run, Annual Dinner, picnics
  • Sponsors training runs
  • Supplies volunteers (oftentimes themselves!) for the Summer/Fall water stops
  • Sends out the Striders Newsletter
  • Manages the Striders Website
  • Keeps track of the Club’s finances
  • Handles membership fulfillment
  • Hosts a water stop at the Des Moines Marathon
  • Keeps the Club Bylaws up-to-date
  • Hands out three $1000 Scholarships

…..and more!

As you can see, the Board has its hands full and we’re very excited to know that, no matter how the election ends up, we’ll have plenty of good, qualified help in the year to come.   Check out their bios online to see what fine candidates we have.