We’re excited to announce that we have new secured discounts to several new races for our members! See below for more details. One Hill of a Run Receive a $5.00 discount off your race entry! If you enter via the paper entry form, please write "CAPITAL STRIDERS" (plus your Capital Strider member number) on the form in big letters so the race director can make the required changes. You also can enter online via Active.com. Enter the discount code “CAPITALSTRIDERS” to receive the $5.00 discount.

Sleepy Hollow Sports Park Races Register for any of the extreme races at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park using the coupon code: RUNNINGCLUB (plus your Capital Strider member number) and receive $5 off! For more information on how to register for these races, visit the Sleepy Hollow website or their Facebook page.

  • May 19 – Kosama Warrior Mud Run
  • July 14 – Kosama Warrior Water Run
  • Aug. 25 – Aspen Warrior Fire Run
  • Oct. 13 – Run of the Living Dead