Name: Amber Crews

Board Responsibilities: Secretary, Merchandise, Maffitt Race Director

When/Why did you start running? In 6th grade/I enjoyed the cross country trails and that I could beat most of the boys.

What race distances have you completed? 100 meters through 50 miles

Favorite race distance: Haven't decided between 50k and 50 miles since I've only completed a couple 50 milers.

Favorite Capital Striders race: Sycamore 8

Favorite Non-CS race: GOATz 50k

Dogs or Cats: None, my son is allergic, but we do have a Russian Tortoise

Favorite post race indulgence: Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine or Outback Steak and potato

Pasta, rice or "other" carb source for carb loading: Qdoba Naked Steak Burrito or Mushroom Steak Stroganoff from Noodles and Company

One pre-race ritual: None really

Favorite piece of gear: Dirty Girl Gaiters to keep the debris out of my shoes during trail races

Craziest/funniest thing you've seen during a race or run: Kids dressed up as zombies that jumped out of the trees just past an aid station during a trail marathon.