Name: Cody Edwards

Board Responsibilities: Scholarship Committee Chair; Tour de Lights/Jolly Holiday Lights Coordinator

When/Why did you start running? Sophomore year of college to keep me active/healthy.

What race distances have you completed? 5K to 50k and sprint triathalon to half Ironman

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon

Favorite Capital Striders race:  Capital Pursuit

Favorite Non-CS race: Dam to Dam

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Favorite post race indulgence: I generally do not feel like eating after a race but eventually a hamburger w/ egg on top.

Pasta, rice or "other" carb source for carb loading: Pizza

One pre-race ritual: Coffee and Cereal (not together, though)

Favorite piece of gear: Our vizsla (does that count?). 

Craziest/funniest thing you've seen during a race or run: Males running Living History Farms in thongs.